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Daily Devotional


An unexplained phenomena took place the other day

A youth absorbed in worldly things put all that stuff away

And chose a new Commander to control his course in life

To guide him through the challenges and give him peace in strife

It wasn't just a flippant whim he thought that he might choose

But recognizing something else he did not want to lose

He chose to open up his heart and let his Saviour in

For now he saw the deep dark course that is this world of sin

That leads away from something that a worldling cannot know

Away from life and beauty where the saints of Light will go

When judgement ends and soon begins eternal life with Him

When Christ returns in glory to give all He has to them

Who saw the fault and folly of how serving self can be

Who realized the cost that comes with our iniquity

Both to ourselves when timely with the consequence therein

But more so to the Saviour who accepted all our sin

When we accept His Sacrifice and see all He has done

Described within the scriptures as we read about God's Son

Who left His throne in glory to be One with God and us

Example of God's perfect love that proves to us His trust

That if we turn from evil and the bad things we have done

We are a new creation through the blood that left His Son

And flowed upon Mount Calvary down through the rocks to fall

Upon the Ark of Covenant where God forgives us all

Upon that golden mercy seat that rests above God's Law

Where angels bow in reverence and look with holy awe

And can't perceive how man can be so stiff-necked in his sin

When God has paid so very much to save the souls of men

So friend if you can't see it yet as this young man has done

Can't see this most amazing Gift God gave us through His Son

Then please don't waste the moments you still have to let Him in

To your once cold and stony heart to cleanse your life of sin

And make you new like he is through adventures everyday

Abundant in the scriptures as God leads you in His Way

That leads to life eternal in that glorious Paradise

For those who found fulfillment through their life with Jesus Christ

Ezekiel 11:19-20; John 3:14-21; Psalm 1

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