Daily Devotional


So often we are tempted to judge others that we meet

While sitting in the squaller of our own prideful deceit

Assuming by our standard we're the ones who have arrived

When only by the grace of God have we also survived

It seems we have this habit to pretend we are so grand

And others should be living by the works that we demand

When of a truth those works will gain us not a single thing

When Christ returns in glory with eternal life He brings

And really if we saw ourselves the way that God can see

We'd wonder why it is at all He gives us His mercy

And how He even loves us for the things that we have done

Those things the Bible tells us crucified His precious Son

For if not for the selfish acts God sees in me and you

Those self-deceiving little things that selfish people do

Christ would not have laid all aside to be as one of us

Would not have had to be the Lamb in Whom we now must trust

To cleanse us of our evil thoughts and habits of this earth

To give to us the blessed hope that comes with our new birth

When at the cross we lay all down before His precious feet

Those words and thoughts and actions that have led to our defeat

Not because we have asked Him to for long before we knew

God chose to take away our sin as only He could do

But ours was to be willing to let Him be all we need

By letting go of everything to let His love succeed

And take from us what we deserved to give us in exchange

A life that's pure and holy as He lives in us His change

From once a long lost sinner to a child of purity

Inheriting a throne with God throughout eternity

So if today you're tempted to judge one you chance to meet

Remember but for grace you might be sitting in their seat

Or standing by a roadside wishing for someone to care

And offer you some blessing God might move on you to share

Or maybe you'd be ready to undo what God has done

To take away the image that He made through Christ the Son

When if someone would listen taking time to be your friend

You'd welcome Christ's salvation with that life that never ends

Romans 14:7-14; James 4:1-17


Christian Poets and Writers discuss ways to build up the church Body of Christ, inspire, strengthen faith, and improve writing in all genres. May God guide our prayers and words of forgiveness, love, and unity in Jesus' Name.

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