Daily Devotional


So few can comprehend the depth depression draws a soul

And fewer still can understand the work to make them whole

Most think that it's just sadness from experience once felt

And all they need is to forget the hand that they've been dealt

But life is not a game of cards nor is it what we feel

And what we see around us is not all that's really real

For there's a battle for each soul that will not meet its end

Until the coming of our God and all the saints ascend

To meet in clouds of glory to be taken back with Him

To that bright land beyond the sky that He's prepared for them

Where none will feel the pangs of death no one will ever fear

No sadness will adorn the eyes from which were many tears

But now 'tis not the season we are hoping soon to see

It's not yet celebration time when all will be set free

From sin and consequences of this evil world we're in

That still rules through the darkness in the hearts of fallen men

For now we're in a battle between Truth and wickedness

A battle that will soon be won by Christ our Righteousness

But until then the devil's plan is to confuse each soul

To make them think that he's their god with good for them his goal

But good is not his purpose good has no part in his plan

As through his dark activity he rules the heart of man

Through drugs and bogus counsel that depends on fleshly ways

When true peace and deliverance comes to the one who prays

And spends time in the Bible where alone we see God's plan

Through study deep within His Word is found the hope of man

From sacrifice of Jesus Christ to resurrection day

Each step of God progressive work reveals His loving Way

Of drawing us from tragedy to healing through His Word

As daily with Him on our knees His voice of love is heard

Assuring us that nothing in this life can change His plan

To bring to its fruition restoration in the man

And woman who will trust Him to remove the evils done

By His amazing perfect grace He brought through Christ His Son

That will be righted at the time His glory fills the sky

And all who've come to know Him best will live to never die

2 Timothy 1:7; Isaiah 41:10; 1 John 4:18


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