Daily Devotional


So many think that lying is a dark and deadly sin

While by their innuendo they deceive all other men

To thinking things are one way while in truth they are reversed

Through self-deceiving practices they daily have rehearsed

But to the eyes of heaven that see truth the way it is

There is no innuendo to disguise or make them miss

What is the real condition of the heart that would deceive

And leave another thinking it's the truth that they believe

For those eyes see most clearly from the motive to the lie

The reason for deception that makes even angels cry

And see beyond the sinner to the consequence ahead

That may cost the salvation of the ones who lie instead

Of being ever truthful in the way Christians must be

If they've a hope for heaven and the Christ they hope to see

And trusting in their truthfulness that God will intervene

And be the One determining how all the facts are seen

For yes some circumstances do appear to make truth be

The answer to some questions that could cause a travesty

While bearing testimony that's not clear before one's eyes

Might give to one's appearance they are cunning smart or wise

But sometimes the best answer's not a verbal one at all

Sometimes it's simply listening while in your heart you call

Upon the Lord to intervene and guide the words you say

To intercede upon the heart that needs to know His Way

That will preserve another for the Kingdom He's prepared

That Kingdom where the Truth is King for all the ones who've shared

The words in which God's led them to reveal truth as it is

The truth that's most important in a moment such as this

While God is in the building of the church that is His own

The church that is His Kingdom that on Truth will stand alone

Against the trials soon coming and the powers formed in hell

Compounded by the devil and the lies that people tell

About the Truth defended by the Power of God's Word

So much the more the reason that the truth be always heard

From those who are God's people who live not by bread alone

But by the living water known as truth from heaven's throne

Psalm 89:14-19; 1 John 5:5-12; Revelation 22:1


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