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Daily Devotional

Uniquely His

A myriad of voices seem to call to me each day

To follow in the path they tread as though they know the way

That I should go in living out the life God's given me

As if they were the ones that held the reigns of destiny

But there's but just one Person Who controls the reigns of time

Who knows the depths within my soul the heights that I might climb

Who makes and molds and fashions me to be the more like Him

And does not place a common mold on me to be like them

His name is God the Father with His Spirit and His Son

Who working all together focus on me as their one

To whom They've given talents to be shared as They provide

Those talents They've entrusted that I dare not hoard or hide

That given for a purpose serve to lead the world to Them

One God to save one people as they see through me to Him

As every talent lived through me by faith engenders more

To lead to Him those precious souls His Spirit's called me for

A calling not like others as in Him we're all unique

As from the color of our hair down to our fine physique

No two of us is just the same nor were we meant to be

A replica of someone else who's not at all like me

But if I'm true and faithful as I said some lines before

And follow Christ's example as the One Whom I adore

Investing every moment as a moment just for Him

The world will see my difference as a difference good for them

A difference that is faithful to the One Who knows all things

Who gives me peace and comfort through the constant happenings

Surrounding every step I take until my Lord's return

When looking back He'll show me how He taught what now I learn

Is my path for the walking hand in hand and side by side

With Him Who is my all in all my Saviour Lord and Guide

Who's never ever failed me though at times I could not tell

In all through His amazing grace my life has worked out well

So friend if you feel pressured by the world to be like them

Who've yet to understand God's plan to be the more like Him

Just stop and take that time with Him that molds you for today

And you'll find wisdom for the path that God has made your Way

Deuteronomy 13:4-5; Psalm 86:11; 101:2-3; Isaiah 58:5-10

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