Daily Devotional

The Art of Love

So few have truly understood the art of sharing love

The art found in the Sacrifice the scriptures tell us of

The beauty seen in giving from a heart that's not its own

But is the purchased entity of Him Who's on its throne

So few know what it's truly like to set their wants aside

To let God's Holy Spirit be their Counselor and Guide

In giving to another through the things they say and do

The evidence that Jesus is the One Who loves them too

Who's taught them through His presence as He meets with them each day

That He alone is all they need to walk the living Way

To give them grace and courage for the challenges they meet

To likewise share the same with those in darkness that they greet

With kindness love and courtesy that sees what they've gone through

That looks for opportunity to see what they might do

To share the light of heaven's hope that does not fade away

But grows in them the brighter with the passing of each day

That they in turn find pleasure in the time they spend with Him

Who opens up new chapters in His book of life for them

Each time they share the joy they've found with one who's lost their way

Who then in turn becomes a soul who learns to share and pray

That everything God's given them will not be used for less

Than putting forth the evidence that God still has the best

Intentions for their livelihood to be what He can use

To multiply His priceless gifts in those who want and choose

To be like Him Who made us to be like Him in return

Who gives to us the daily need for which we seek and yearn

That will give us His vision to see what His Spirit sees

When we've spent time with Jesus in the morning on our knees

And been endowed with power of a purely loving heart

A heart that sees in others promise for a living part

Of what will make God's heaven whole the way it's meant to be

The way the one who shared His love saw Christ in you and me

As Jesus taught the people when He lived here long ago

That how we share with others is an evidence that shows

We've learned in Truth what love is by the service that we give

That daily is repeated in the Way we choose to live

Acts 20:35; Matthew 25:31-46


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