Daily Devotional

Still on Holy Ground

The trail that leads to victory is often touched by sin

And failures as we drop the soap and have to start again

But just like when we grasped God's grace the first time we were down

As long as we long for that grace we're still on holy ground

For holy ground is where we meet the One Who bore our sin

The One Whom we chose ever more to live and be like Him

And though we fail and stumble often in the path we tread

He's still the One Who saves us for His Kingdom home instead

Of where the devil tells us we will burn for all our sin

With him who is our enemy for trouble we are in

Because when we are ever seeking God's enduring love

We have His own assurance of the home He tells us of

That home that is our focus as we meet with Him each day

That gives us strength and courage as we walk His narrow Way

And find the more we're tempted more like Him we do become

Just like true steel is tempered by the fire it comes from

And by the chilling water that it's instantly placed in

That water like God's Spirit that removes the blot of sin

And makes us pure and whole again just like we were before

Just this time more in love with Him Whom we are living for

Because there's more to cherish as we see what He's gone through

The trials and pain He suffered when He died for me and you

But also for the victory He credits to our name

When He died on that cruel cross to take our guilt and shame

And then rose for our victory by overcoming death

The grave and all uncertainty for those behind He left

To share the story of God's love and daily care for those

Who choose to turn again to Him before the world He chose

To be His representatives of what redemption means

For those who will accept His grace the ones that He redeems

Each day as in their daily walk they grow the more like Him

Who showed by His great Sacrifice His perfect love for them

So friend if you're one struggling because of what you've done

That caused the pain and suffering God suffered through His Son

Remember 'tis His greatest joy when those return to Him

For whom He paid the greatest Price because of love for them

Nehemiah 1:9; Psalm 56:8-13; Isaiah 53


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