Daily Devotional


Have you been one to notice as a deadline's drawing near

So many other options for attention you will hear

To draw you from your focus on what God would have you do

To get caught in distractions that the world would bring you to

No it's not just coincidence that brings these things along

It's not some strange occurrence that might make your right seem wrong

There's something more behind the options coming into view

Someone who fears the future knows how God is leading you

And knows if they don't stop you from the path God has you on

Don't get your mind distracted as you firmly move along

The purpose they're pursuing to delay the work of God

Will be destroyed by progress in the path of work you trod

The work of reaching others in the Way God has designed

The Way He has inspired He has placed within your mind

To make that living impact on the people that you meet

To bring them by His Spirit to our blessed Saviour's feet

Where they too will find comfort and direction for this life

Assurance that God has a plan to overcome all strife

Where physical emotional or spiritual decline

Have pushed away the focus that God has for them in mind

The focus not on this world but on that which is to come

That world where sin and Satan never more will be heard from

Where all is new and whole again no want or need of pain

Just days of joy and happiness where Christ is Lord again

In every heart that's living every heart that's known Him here

That's found that great fulfillment when they've kept their focus clear

On what God has provided for the Way He'd have them go

Affirmed by their communion with the One they love and know

Who's never brought confusion but allows temptation here

To exercise our faith and trust in what He has made clear

And strengthens our conviction in the Way He'd have us go

That all the world might have a chance to love the God we know

And make that preparation most essential for this time

That strengthens our position as the path to Him we climb

Where looking back we'll see the Way He's led to get us there

The Way that was successful by our time with Him in prayer

James 1:1-8: Proverbs 14:12; Isaiah 41:9-13


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