Daily Devotional


The choices that we face today seem little when compared

To choices made so long ago by those who loved and shared

The message of salvation by Messiah Christ the King

Who by His Mighty Pow'r and Grace provides us everything

We need to be in service to His overarching plan

To make and mold His image once again in fallen man

Not bowing to the hierarchy of those we think are wise

But bowing simply to the One we know as Jesus Christ

The One who left all heaven to become as One with us

To give us an Example how in God we all can trust

Each moment of existence here as that for which He's planned

When willingly and lovingly we take in Him our stand

As soldiers of that bloody cross where hung the Son of God

To fight the fight and be the light for all who choose to trod

The path that is obedience to God and God alone

That proves through our humility that we are not our own

But are by Christ's inheritance and sacrifice His heirs

Who must by our obedience lay off all worldly cares

To let His Spirit guide us in the things we say and do

As daily by His living grace He boldly leads us through

The challenges and pitfalls that so many fail to see

Placed there as mighty stumbling blocks by our great enemy

That Christ already conquered when He died upon that cross

And rose again the third day that His work not suffer loss

But be the inspiration to the ones who choose Him well

Who choose no matter what the cost His love and truth to tell

To all to whom He leads them as a testimony of

The truth that illustrates the fact that God's a God of love

And only those who choose Him as their Lord and mighty King

Who choose to live within His grace in spite of everything

Will not just have forever a bright mansion up above

But will be known forever as ambassadors of love

Through whom the God Who made us Who redeemed us as His own

Did through us by His Holy Ghost make His salvation known

And make us lights forever to be His eternally

The children of our Father who grasp His divinity

2 Timothy 2:1-7; 1 Timothy 6:10-19


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