Daily Devotional

The Conflict and The Victory

The reason why so many know so little of the Lord

The King of all creation Who by angels is adored

The One Who spoke from heaven and made earth a home for man

Is simply based upon one thing that all must understand

You see there is a conflict going on for you and me

A conflict among angels and the beings we can't see

Who battle every moment for the hearts and souls of men

To either save us from ourselves or chain us to our sins

And in this mighty battle subtle though at times it seems

The good that battles evil with its subtlety and schemes

The choices and decisions that approach us everyday

Determine if we will be faithful or be swept away

By lies and dark delusions from the enemy of souls

Who daily works from every angle to achieve his goals

From those who openly deny that God even exists

To those who stand in pulpits preaching long exhaustive lists

But somewhere in the middle hidden from the public's view

Are those who soon will come to light for all they say and do

Allowing God's true Spirit to command them from within

To live the Light that will convict humanity of sin

And will reveal God's purpose in the giving of His Son

Not just of our salvation but to make us all as one

With Him in Truth and glory that the universe might see

The power of the blood of Christ that flowed on Calvary

That makes us more than conquerors by His almighty grace

Equipping us for battle daily through that living faith

That was exemplified on earth when Christ was living here

Recorded in the scriptures that His Spirit has made clear

If we will read them daily praying as we meet God there

The way Christ did before us as recorded in His prayer

Exalting Him Who is our God and trusting Him to be

The One Who lives within us giving us the victory

That is to be our passport through the gates to our new Home

Where safe within God's arms of love our thoughts will never roam

Back to these days of battle as the enemy will be

Forever gone and vanquished by God's grace through you and me

Isaiah 9:2-7; Romans 8:35-39; Ephesians 6:10-18


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