Daily Devotional

Search the Scriptures

Why is it that so many seek the Truth from other men

When right before their very eyes the Truth lies deep within

The scriptures God has given where His words of life are true

And laid out in abundance for the likes of me and you

To understand His purpose and His plan for every life

That still is living on this earth abundant with its strife

And conflict and disaster that seem they will never end

But for the Lord's assurance on which Christians can depend

But even though we go there for the promises we see

It seems we do not trust the Lord to share with you and me

The deep things He has given there to guide us in His Way

And so we miss His blessings that He gives to those who pray

And dig deep in that treasure where God's Spirit can be found

His Spirit Who makes reading in His Word that Holy Ground

Of which the Lord was speaking when with Moses He communed

Where heart and mind are focused on the One with Whom they're tuned

Like strings on a piano each for perfect harmony

As deeper in God's precious Word the glory that we see

Expands to brighter glory as His perfect Truth's revealed

And prophesies and wonders from His scriptures are unsealed

To do as He has promised to prepare the ones He's saved

For service in His army on the path that He has paved

Through sacrifice and service He alone was meet to give

And purchase for us pardon that in His we too can live

In daily sweet communion as He did while on this earth

With God our only Father once we've met Him through rebirth

The Way Christ told the Pharisee that night so long ago

That we by grace through living faith might understand and know

All knowledge that's essential to a daily walk with Him

As God gives those abundance of His wisdom meant for them

To find through close commune one on one as can be heard

The whisper of His Spirit as they ponder every word

That's placed there in the Bible we acclaim to hold the Truth

But somehow lost that perfect trust that comes with Godly youth

And need now more than ever to regain through time with Him

Who's waiting in the scriptures to reveal His light in them

2 Timothy 3:1-9, 12-17; John 5:39


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