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Daily Devotional


Don't tell me your tomorrow is as sure as your today

For surely your tomorrow may not ever come your way

As nothing has been promised past the moment that you're in

As long as you're existing on this planet filled with sin

For many in the past thought they would see another day

When suddenly their future was abruptly swept away

And all the things they'd planned for just became a mist with them

That God allowed to happen that their soul might rest in Him

Just like the ones before them since the fruit upon that tree

Of knowledge good and evil brought our parents to their knees

And cursed us as their children for decisions practiced there

That should have brought them to their knees instead in fervent prayer

And should have made them stronger to resist temptation's call

To teach their future children how they almost made them fall

From purity with Jesus Who has always been their Friend

To being one with Satan who would make their living end

But sadly it did happen that the man and woman fell

And brought on all the misery of which the scriptures tell

And life became uncertain from the cradle to the grave

Except for those who've trusted in the One Who came to save

Us from that certain outcome that on all men falls today

That death that means surrender that takes all our thoughts away

And seals us in the choices we have made about the One

Who also did surrender life to mold us in His Son

When on the cross our Saviour met the death we all must meet

But from the grave in victory did render it defeat

That can be ours and should be if we'll only meet Him there

Upon our knees together as we join with Him in prayer

That we might claim the promise of eternity with God

That gives us our direction while we live upon this sod

And also that assurance that no matter what may come

The One Who holds tomorrow is the One Who holds the sum

Of all that He has promised to the ones who trust in Him

The ones who more than anything want Him to live in them

And by that life through living trust no matter what may be

Tomorrow will be sure enough with Him eternally

James 4:7-17

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