Daily Devotional

The Holy City

Most soon the pure and chosen will stand on the streets of gold

And see the glorious wonders that the gates of pearl now hold

They'll hear the voice of Jesus like a melody unseen

Float through the many mansions of the host of the redeemed

And there outside the City built with Jasper walls foursquare

They'll see that new creation that is vibrant everywhere

The plants and all the animals and birds that fill the sky

That revel in the earth made new where none will ever die

But back within the City where the throne of God will be

Where safe within His presence His pure image they will see

The children of the Father who so long from Home were band

Will learn so many lessons that they could not understand

When living in this world of sin where self had been the god

Of those who cared not for the path that Christ would have them trod

They could not see the future or the Home where they might live

Because they chose to hoard the blessings God would have them give

To those who were the needy not just of the worldly things

But of the pure salvation that a life with Jesus brings

As sharing of God's blessings in the way that's needed most

They introduced each sinner to His mighty Holy Ghost

That takes the broken sinner by His grace to cleanse their sin

The first step in that process that will make them whole again

And then provides them passage through the teaching of His Word

Into His joy filled presence of which they through Him have heard

And then as taught through nature like an ever living spring

They too share that with others as their gift to God they bring

In joyful celebration of salvation through His Son

That by His grace through simple faith together makes them one

To live with Him forever in that City built foursquare

Where thoughts of sin and sadness will not ever surface there

For all will have been found of Him to cherish what He gave

When by the power of His grace Christ rose up from the grave

So friend if you've been seeking that assurance of God's peace

That pure unblemished promise of a life that will not cease

Seek Him while He is waiting with His Word upon your knee

And you'll be with the Chosen who will live eternally

Revelation 21


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