Daily Devotional


So many fear the future when they face eternity

They fear the coming judgment and what their part then will be

When there before Almighty God they face what they have done

The toll of sins committed here that crucified His Son

They fear the words then spoken by the Father on His throne

Will place them with the fallen that He knows not as His own

Who will receive their portion with the evil and the damned

Who lived alone for pleasure at the cost of the I AM

Who had so many chances to receive the Gift He gave

When on the cross He suffered for the ones He came to save

But chose instead the devil's path denying God's last call

Until in blind abandonment they heard Him not at all

But many do not fear the future they are soon to see

They know though they have fallen they still have eternity

They know that they were promised that which they could never earn

Because they chose to follow lessons they took time to learn

About how loving Jesus was the only Way to be

Observing Him in others as He wanted them to see

A soul in need of sharing all the good things that they have

That God to them entrusted as they've walked along His path

And also how in standing for the truths He's taught them here

The truths of understanding that His Spirit has made clear

Not giving ground to Satan as they've often done before

But giving their surrender to the One Who loves them more

Who with them shares His power through His grace to hold the line

Against the devil's minions who would occupy their minds

With fallacies and fables and all kinds of empty fears

When He Who knows our future knows the hearts of those He hears

Who reach out in the darkness seeking Him Who is the Light

Who bought for all the victory when He endured the fight

And brought to all assurance that there is no need to fear

The future coming judgment if they're walking with Him here

And if when faced with trials and temptations from their past

They will not stop to wander but will in that moment cast

Their helpless soul upon Him full abandoned to His will

Receiving His salvation that the devil cannot kill

Hebrews 2:9-15; Daniel 7:10


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