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Daily Devotional

In A Moment

A moment seems eternal when events are happening

That interrupt your course of life impacting everything

You are you were you thought would be the way your days would go

Without anticipation of events you did not know

Would suddenly from no where take away the ones you love

Or wipe away the life you've known you've told so many of

You've lived and grown accustom to with plans of coming days

Expecting God to faithfully direct you in His ways

But sometimes without warning all we've known and hoped would be

Is changed in that one moment with new opportunity

To see a new tomorrow with a future God has planned

A future born of those events which we don't understand

But for which God has made us as His instruments for Him

To reach a class of people in a way that shares with them

The character and purpose of our God they do not know

Who in a moment suffered change His love for us to show

When taken from a garden His own Son was crucified

And for our own salvation on that cruel cross He died

Was buried in a stone cold tomb from which He rose again

But this time with the scars He bears the only marks of sin

That will be His forever to remind us of the day

Our Father gave His all for us to take our sins away

And give to us the promise that if we will trust in Him

The ones we loved and lost before we'll love and hold again

When all that He has promised will be finished in this place

When mercy's door will close the way to see the Father's face

And those who might have seen Him through events He brought us through

Reject the grace He's offered them this way through me and you

That we would not have chosen but for which we'll thank Him then

When those we love and all we've hoped will be restored again

And will be ours forever without fear of that unknown

As God fulfills His promise in the ones who are His own

So friend if in these moments you are suffering in pain

And anguish for another that you might not see again

Remember God's great promise through His Son He gave to us

That all will be revealed that day He comes for those He trusts

John 15:1-9; Isaiah 41:10; 1 Corinthians 15:50-58

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