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Daily Devotional

Share The Joy

Each day of life that passes now it seems that there must be

Another tragic loss of life another travesty

And sadly those who know these things mean Christ will soon appear

Are busy chasing useless tails while many perish here

Without a knowledge of the Lord and all the things He's done

To buy for us salvation at the Price of His dear Son

Not knowing there's a hope for them that now they cannot see

A hope that they might have that joy that lasts eternally

That joy that's ever present in the minds of the redeemed

As daily in each circumstance their Saviour is esteemed

In time they spend in prayer with Him and share the hope He gives

While they are focused on the grace He shows in each who lives

According to His counsels that we find within His Word

Where Truth that knows no earthly taint of evil can be heard

Expressed by His sweet Spirit that reveals the living Way

That has a strong effect on everything we do and say

Because we want His presence to be seen and heard through us

We want the world to meet the One in Whom we place our trust

And have that transformation from what we were known to be

Into a child of God by grace who owns eternity

Not by our own inherent will or good things that we've done

But by a faith that grasps the grace revealed through Chris the Son

When on the cross He died our death that we might live His life

And have that calm assurance that brings joy amidst the strife

We face each day in living that grows stronger everyday

That God revealed in scripture is a proof He's on His way

To soon make His appearing in the clouds to claim His own

Who daily lived while waiting here to make His glory known

Through words and acts of kindness having patience with all men

Who face the daily battles with the father of all sin

Who need to see the Saviour in the Christians that they meet

To help them find the joy of life that's found at Jesus' feet

So brother friend and sister if by chance you've found the Lord

To love you with an endless love your works could not afford

Ask Him this day to live in you His grace for all to see

That others will be drawn to Him Who rules eternity

Daniel 12:1-3; Psalm 1; John 3:16-17; 16:19-24

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