Daily Devotional

Tact and Diplomacy

A friend of mine once told me of two lessons I must learn

Two simple little lessons I will share with you in turn

To help you in relations with the people that you meet

As they have helped me often in my work and on the street

The first is about Tact in what you say and how you do

The things for other people who are standing close to you

Whom you might rather not have be as close as they might be

But need you in that moment help them see what they must see

That character of Jesus that you gather everyday

As each day in the morning you reach out to Him and pray

That He will bring you someone who like you needs time with Him

To comprehend the timeless love that He would share with them

That says I'm here to listen to the burden on your heart

To let you know that above all your life can have a part

In what God has prepared for you and those you do not know

But likewise will be touched by all the seeds of love you sow

And then there is Diplomacy that must be practiced well

That must be that ingredient in everything you tell

To those you don't agree with or you're sure are thinking wrong

That knows how to adjust yourself in ways to get along

To step on toes most lightly with the truth you know is right

But not cause an upheaval that might bring their wrong to light

In ways that might embarrass them or take away their shine

But help them through your tender touch to have an open mind

So they might see the changes that they need to undertake

And joyfully pursue the path that God would have them take

That changes them to be like Him the way He's changing you

Reflecting Christ in everything the way they see you do

For true tact with diplomacy that have their roots in God

Are perfect tools of Godly grace that light the path we trod

And open doors for others who still wander on their own

Assuming if there was a God He's left them all alone

When of a truth He's waiting just to hear their call to Him

So He can have a right to open gates of joy for them

And guide them to that better day when all things are made new

Because they saw through faith the grace He's living now in you

Psalm 145:8-9; James 5:19-20; Isaiah 58:5-12; Matthew 10:16


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