Daily Devotional

Truth and Deception

Forever and forever is in truth a long long time

And those who live forever will find living is sublime

As each day with our Saviour we'll explore the things He's made

One with Him through the ages by the dearest Price He paid

But some would teach you other than the truth that God has shared

They'd tell you all's not heaven for the ones who never cared

About the living Gospel in the Bible that we see

That those who lost salvation will still live eternally

They'd tell you there's a fire that's for torturing the lost

For sins that they committed when they cared not for the Cost

God placed upon the altar when Christ died for you and me

As if we were immortal either way most naturally

But scripture is explicit in the message that it gives

That only those found faithful will be one with Him Who lives

Eternally in heaven ruling from His throne above

The Father Son and Holy Ghost Whose rule is based on love

And not on fear and anguish that so long has been the rule

Of those who use the fear of death like their enslaving tool

For as the Bible tells us there's no fear at all in love

Or else the truth is not the truth the Bible tells us of

For is we study scripture as it is our right to do

We'll see there is a heaven for the righteous to go to

But Hell's another subject to be studied well to see

It's also love's appointment for the people God made free

That place without the City when the last act will be played

When Satan and his minions will regret the choice they made

And fire rains from heaven to destroy them stock and vine

The ones whom God so long had sought to give a Christlike mind

But whom had chosen falsehood and the fables made of men

And all the lustful pleasures that secured them in their sin

That will be burned to ashes in that day when God reveals

The final revelation that fulfills the seven seals

And then only the faithful will receive the life He gives

That never will expire for as long as Jesus lives

And will be filled with pleasures that the saints have never known

As they will reap the blessings that for them through Christ were sown

Psalm 146; Revelation 11:15-19; Malachi 4:1-3; Hebrews 2:14-15


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