Daily Devotional

Our Anchor

How little do we comprehend the impact of our lives

The strong impression that we make on someone who survives

A dark and hidden secret that few others ever know

A consequence of choices and the wild seed they did sow

Or maybe worse abuse that they had suffered in their past

A horror held as secret that they thought would ever last

Until they saw a glimmer of a hope their past might end

When in our voice or actions they perceived a greater Friend

One Who knew what they'd gone through but could love them even more

Than in their desperation they had ever wanted for

That Person Who not only saw the evil they endured

But also felt the shame and pain of which they were assured

Would meet an end if they would simply set their gaze on Him

Who likewise lived a painful past to prove His love for them

Though in Himself Almighty God He lived like you and me

And chose like we must choose today to trust divinity

To be to us Exemplar of a life of victory

Though tossed by Satan's evil work steadfast for you and me

The Rock that would not will not fail as anchor for each soul

Who broken can by grace through faith be steadfast pure and whole

And also be transformed from what they once had grown to be

Into that perfect image that God's placed in you and me

As daily we seek at His feet to reach a soul for Him

To share and live the promises He wants to live in them

The promises of comfort and assurance everyday

We're privileged to hold on to as we take time to pray

And keep on Him our focus as the One Who never fails

No matter how the storm of life attacks us with its gails

For in the end it's only wind that Satan uses here

Compared to our eternity when everything's made clear

How when we walked our painful path God's presence walked there too

And carefully preserved our souls to show what He would do

To draw us by His presence to a place we've never been

That place that He's providing where with Him there'll be no sin

But only ever always perfect peaceful harmony

For which He paid the dearest Price for us on Calvary

Isaiah 58:6-12; James 1:26-27; John 14:1-3


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