Daily Devotional

His Story

The sadness that God's heart must feel when looking down on men

Who in their dark irreverence are hiding in their sin

Cannot be comprehended not be fully understood

Unless examined in the light of that great cross of wood

The cross whereon that Sacrifice that wrenched His heart in two

Did demonstrate the depth of love He has for me and you

Where Jesus Christ His precious Son did die the perfect Lamb

Revealing love as power in the One Who is I Am

The One Who stood beside Him from the ageless eons past

Who being God did lay aside divinity and cast

His lot with those created in His image at His hand

To bring them His salvation as together They had planned

Salvation from our lost estate back to what He'd begun

When He created everything when His first work was done

When all was pure and perfect flawless to the nth degree

From sun and moon and stars above to things that we can't see

Like tiny little nutrients within the cells of things

Provided for our nourishment that every season brings

In food God has provided for the service of mankind

To give us health and clarity to have an open mind

That we might see more clearly in the body of His Word

The beauty truth and testament that from His lips are heard

As by His Holy Spirit He shares truths we have not learned

Through living grace He gives to us that never can be earned

But does require everything we have that He's supplied

To be abandoned to His work like His life was applied

To reaching souls in darkness who know not the love of Him

Who gave His Son and all He had to save the souls of them

And not just as we see Him in the pictures that portray

Our Saviour hanging on that cross that dark and dismal day

But also to be One with us throughout eternity

The Man Who bore our sorrows ever One with you and me

Because He could not leave us to be lost without His love

Without providing everything His story tells us of

And will be always present in His head and hands and feet

Through scars that demonstrate God's love that would not know defeat

Isaiah 53


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