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Daily Devotional

Two Witnesses

The Sacred and the Holy so abused by men today

Who know not of the damage that is in the things they say

Who twist God's inspiration to mean what they want it to

So they have no conviction for the sinful things they do

Is soon to stand before all as God's perfect Word of Truth

As witness to His glory to the aged and the youth

One portion as His Witness to the lessons of the past

The other to the Saviour on Whom now our all we cast

When we are true and faithful to the words of God we read

And readily accept the truths that He would have us heed

Aligning every moment all we do and say with Him

Who by His all in sacrifice provided all for them

Who see beyond the present to the future that's in store

The future with the Saviour Whom they honor and adore

Whom every waking minute they have sought to meet in prayer

Assured He's always with them every moment everywhere

As He has said in promise to the ones who choose to read

Those scriptures He's provided with the power that we need

To live for Him each moment without fear of consequence

As evidence we live by faith that offers no offense

But courage for the faithful comfort for the pure in heart

Direction for the searcher who most wants to be a part

Of something that's far greater than the world can offer here

That life that is eternal where the saints will never fear

But will each passing moment walk in harmony with God

The Way they first had started when upon this earth they trod

Through moments of communion with His Spirit here in peace

Not grasping earthly treasures that provide us no release

But laying on the altar every treasure that they find

Has to them been provided that they too might be in kind

A living testimony of God's Truth before all men

An evidence of grace that God can truly live within

The hearts of those He's purchased for a purpose here revealed

Within His Holy Scriptures where the future is unsealed

For all who truly love Him Who is Holy Pure and True

And live that Sacred duty that the scriptures tell us to

Psalm 119:9-16; Jeremiah 15:16; Revelation 11:3

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