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Daily Devotional


The famine most destructive is the one we cannot see

The one that has the power to effect our destiny

That can determine where we'll be eternity to come

And what will be the source of where our knowledge does come from

For many think their most important knowledge is supplied

By people blessed with wisdom who for eons past have died

And many who still with us think themselves in great demand

When of a truth the simplest things they do not understand

Like where did knowledge come from that created you and me

How did nothing make something that today we feel and see

And how did our emotions that we all display today

Find root within our psyche if we're simply made of clay

And why is our tomorrow so important to our plan

If there's no given future for the hope and love of man

To have a full existence for the universe to see

The perfect restoration of God's life in you and me

For truly there's a famine that's been going on for years

That is revealed in so much pain and death and endless tears

As more and more we've wandered from the Source of Living Springs

To dryness in a desert that depends on lifeless things

That only bring us pleasure for a little space in time

Then saps from us the life force for the mountains we must climb

To reach that mighty summit where God's glory we can see

Through times of deep devotion with His Word upon our knee

For therein is the answer to survival here today

Survival from that famine that is soon to wipe away

The souls of those in turmoil who refuse to seek the Light

Who choose not to rely on faith but only walk by sight

For that destructive famine that the scriptures tell us of

Is famine for the Word of God that mighty work of love

That has for us each morning draughts of grace to face our day

That overflowing source of life for all who stop to pray

And study most intently God's provision for us there

Those words of grace and promise that we gain through fervent prayer

That clings to His dear Presence through the trials we must face

Full knowing soon we'll be with Him in His abiding place

Amos 8:1-12; John 6:63; 14:1-3

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