Daily Devotional

His Plan

A brokenness in body can impact a suffering soul

And make them feel their helplessness in reaching that one goal

Of being whole and healthy being strong and firm again

When all they know is anguish from the pain they feel within

It also wounds the spirit to believe God does not care

As everyday seems darker as they ponder their despair

And worry will the future have a brighter day to see

Without the pain of thinking all is but futility

But God knows every burden He feels every pain we bear

He tastes the salty sorrow in the many tears we share

When speaking with another of the struggles we go through

While He's the only Person that we really can come to

Who has the power to heal us has the power by living grace

To strengthen and encourage us in all the trials we face

And share with us the promise of a future yet to come

When Christ returns from glory to receive His precious ones

Who've waited ever watching for the signs of His return

Who've made Him front and center of all things for which they yearn

To see His face and know His grace in all they hope to be

As one with Him forever they will tour eternity

And hear the many lessons of the sorrows they went through

That were in their best interest for the work He called them to

Of learning how to lean on Him Who has our best in mind

Who never has and never will leave those He loves behind

Who also choose to cherish every moment spent with Him

That's ours to make and mold us as His channels sent to them

Who also may be suffering from things they can't control

That God can use for blessing that fulfill their inmost soul

And make them also likewise living testimonies too

To share the many promises that show what God will do

To make us fit for heaven and eternity with Him

Where all will join that chorus with the mighty Seraphim

And other angels present when before our Lord and King

We'll say it all was worth it at the cost of everything

Just to be in His presence Who walked with us hand in hand

Our Lord and great Physician Who gave us the life He planned

Jeremiah 29:11-13; Luke 5:30-31; Revelation 21:1-5

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