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Daily Devotional

Eternal Life Restored

Created for eternity is what God first had planned

If faithful to His mighty Word we lived by His commands

To have a joy beyond belief no mortal tongue could tell

That was to be our destiny before our parents fell

But sadly in a few short years of living on this earth

That was completely perfect from the week God gave it birth

Temptation got the best of them whom God made perfectly

And in that act of selfishness they changed our destiny

Until this day as once before God's patience has worn thin

And as He cleansed the earth before from almost every sin

He soon will make one sweeping act to cleanse the earth again

When Christ returns in glory to remove the blot and stain

Of all that has remained of Satan's evil influence here

To rescue every precious soul that holds our Saviour dear

And make of us new creatures to be once again like Him

Restored in perfect image to reflect His love in them

But this time slightly different than He made us once before

As this time in our perfect hearts we'll love our Maker more

And never know temptation as our focus then will be

Upon the scars that Christ will bear for us eternally

Those scars of perfect beauty in His hands His brow His feet

That will be most intriguing to our eyes each time we meet

As we will look in wonder at the evidence found there

The evidence of perfect love found in the Father's care

That gave His Son in sacrifice to be the Lamb for us

To bear our sins upon the cross as we in perfect trust

Give everything that's held us from a life at one with Him

One with His Holy Spirit that indwells the hearts of them

Who choose today to meet Him early in that state of prayer

That by His grace through living faith stays with Him everywhere

In private conversation as we would with a close friend

In perfect sweet communion that with Him need never end

For soon as He has promised He will spit that eastern sky

To take the ones to heaven who by grace will never die

To live the life He planned before when He saw you and me

From time eternal in His thoughts of love and purity

Matthew 24:32-39; Isaiah 42:13-16; Matthew 25:31-46

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