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Daily Devotional


Moment after moment slip into eternity

With souls still lost and dying in their false reality

Not seeing all around them how the battle rages on

Between our God and Satan on this planet we live on

So many think today is just another day of life

With random acts of kindness mixed in with the rounds of strife

Assuming that tomorrow will have something new in store

Not knowing that the present is alive with so much more

Activity that's shaping what their future soon will be

When Christ returns in glory to restore humanity

To His eternal image for which we have grace today

And mercy that was purchased by the Price He chose to pay

For angels stand in waiting both of light and darkness too

Observing by our actions what they have a right to do

To influence the outcome of our thoughts and words and deeds

To soften or to harden us to other's worldly needs

That likewise have an impact on what they might choose to do

And how they face the future and events that they come to

To grasp the hand that sacrificed His all to take our place

Or follow into darkness those who turn from Jesus' face

To chase after illusions that like useless ropes of sand

Will offer not protection when in Judgment they will stand

To answer for their choices to serve God or selfish greed

Because when called to answer Truth was not what they did heed

But rather chose to follow in the path of self regret

The easy path to follow as each day they did neglect

The time that leads from sorrow to eternal joy with Him

That prayer time with the Bible that God shares with all of them

Who choose to be observant of the times in which we live

Who choose the Truth that's offered that this time alone can give

When our eyes can be opened to the battles for each soul

And leading hearts to Jesus is our sole eternal goal

Just like it was for Jesus and still is until this day

While He still serves in heaven as our Priest and Lord and Way

To make that preparation for the future that is near

When all will be divided by the choices they made here

John 14:1-21; Ephesians 6:10-18; Joshua 24:14-15

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