Daily Devotional

No More a Failure

A failure found forgiven by the God Who really cares

Who's waiting ever present to give answer to our prayers

Who loves with such intensity the precious ones He's made

The ones for whom His precious blood on Calvary has paid

I know beyond all questions without doubt His love for me

For by His grace and that alone I am what you now see

A sinner cleansed made whole again before my Father's eyes

And if I'm always faithful bound to live in Paradise

Where no sin I've committed will again be spoken of

Nor will one be remembered as it's covered by God's love

That's written in those precious hands that brow that side those feet

That will forever fill my soul with love for those I meet

Who also once were sinners likewise made in Christ anew

Created once again by grace through faith as God can do

When given heart and soul to Him Who never fails to be

The Watcher waiting patiently to save both them and me

For God has placed on record all we need to understand

The science of salvation that in council He had planned

Before we were created before sin had found a place

Within the heart of Satan who now rules the human race

And in that Word of record as by faith we seek His face

We see so oft repeated how He worked for those by grace

Who likewise had been failures in the work He called them to

Until they gave their heart and soul to do as He would do

And then by God moved mountains as He worked His will through them

Who by their faith abandoned everything that hampered Him

From stopping time in heaven parting seas to make dry ground

To loosing tongues to sing His praise that never made a sound

For God is not held captive by the weakness of mankind

His power is not governed by the limits of my mind

But only held in waiting for my heart to be His own

To show the world around me grace by faith that makes Him known

That transforms poor weak sinners into mighty men of God

That lights the deepest darkness in the path that we must trod

With hope and joy and peace and love and blessed surety

That as I give my all to Him His all will be in me

John 14:1-23


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