Daily Devotional

Victory in Jesus

Two met that day for battle on the Mount of Calvary

One perfect pure and sinless as the Lamb for you and me

The other dark and evil without conscience heart or love

The father of all wickedness the scriptures tell us of

And one it did appear to be the victor on that day

Who by his evil prowess took the life and love away

From Him Who hung upon that cross Whose life did cease to be

The Saviour in the middle of the three on Calvary

But as we learn by reading further in the word of God

That path to Calvary's mountain would not be the last He trod

And in God's perfect timing when He called Him from the grave

Christ came forth as the Victor for the ones He came to save

And Satan was defeated though before He seemed to win

To bear the consequences for the guilt of all the sin

That he has brought upon us and still brings until this day

For which the Saviour's sacrifice on Calvary did pay

But therein lies a problem for one thing that Christ can't do

Is force His will upon us to be lived in me and you

And if we will not choose to take the Price he paid that day

Then we just like the devil will still have that price to pay

For many teach a gospel that is not at all from God

They teach that once forgiven for the path that we have trod

No more need we to listen to the promptings from the Lord

And going back to sinning will by Jesus be ignored

While of a truth the devil wins each battle fought for them

And wounds the heart of Jesus as they fail to look to Him

And seek the power of heaven by God's grace to cease to sin

Through faith that He will give us when His Spirit dwells within

The heart that's truly humbled by the power of the cross

The power of the Sacrifice God gave to save the lost

That chooses not to live for self but for the love of God

To walk where angels do not fear where Christ before us trod

To shine light on the Gospel of the Truth of that great day

When Jesus paid that Price for life that is the Victor's Way

But only through accepting by the way we choose to live

Can we have His forgiveness and the Life He came to give

Matthew 27:11-54; 28:1-10; 1 Corinthians 15:51-58


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