Daily Devotional

The Course

The course of indecision is a bitter course indeed

It leads from peaceful passages to emptiness and need

Of someone somewhere with a plan to show us where to go

While we just walk in circles having nothing here to show

For every precious moment God has given us by grace

To meet with Him each morning drawing promise from His face

That if we watch and listen for His Spirit through our day

He'll guide us by His Wisdom in the most productive Way

The Way that helps us grow in Him in all that He has planned

To give us that true knowledge that can help us understand

That each event and happening has purpose for us here

When looked at from the Word of Truth that draws us ever near

The One Who set and lived the course He planned before all time

From Royalty in heaven's courts to chaos without rhyme

As He descended to this earth engrossed in selfish sin

To come the Lamb of sacrifice to save the souls of men

And while here every morning every moment every day

Providing us Example as He showed to us the Way

He let God's Spirit lead Him in the work He had to do

Preparing Him each moment for each soul He brought Him to

To see beyond externals to the heart that dwelt within

Where pain and past persuasions kept them weighed down under sin

That by one word or loving touch encouraged them to be

Enraptured by the love of God forever cleansed and free

The Way He wants to work in us and lead us everyday

To touch another precious soul with something that we say

Or something that we do for them that helps them clearly see

The presence of our living God alive in you and me

Because we find direction for decisions every morn

While meeting with our Saviour where His Wisdom we adorn

And gain the motivation to present to those we meet

The promise of salvation that is found at Jesus' feet

That molds us in His image that the world might clearly see

The image of the Father lived by faith in you and me

That only can be garnered by our time with Him in prayer

That guides our steps toward heaven and our home that's waiting there

Isaiah 65; John 14:12-21


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