Daily Devotional

The Way

Not all we see and listen to is sent to us by God

Nor every path that comes our way a path that we should trod

For there are many options we are offered everyday

But not all of these options are to be the Christian's Way

For Satan knows if focused solely on the Word of God

And on His Spirit's leading in the path He'd have of trod

Then Satan's ways of many that keep everything unclear

Will simply be a shadow in the time we're living here

But if he can distract us from the course of present truth

Can gain through entertainment every heart of every youth

Then as he's planned the work of God will surely go undone

And all will soon forget about the purchase through God's Son

He paid at the most precious Price to buy His people back

To give us each the victory when under those attacks

The devil brings through many things to steal our thoughts away

And lead us with the masses from the Father's narrow Way

But if we will abandon all the evil ways of men

Then by God's grace we will not fall beneath the curse of sin

But will become His light to truth that's needed most today

The Truth that's found through focused prayer that sees no other way

Than that in which He's leading in the time we spend with Him

Amassing all the knowledge in His Word He's given them

Who give to Him devotion every moment of each day

And trust He'll guide our every step along that narrow Way

That leads us to perfection where we stand on holy ground

Where grace that is the Saviour's creed through faith is surely found

That faith that sees and listens to the voice of God to men

Who focus on Him wholly losing sight of self and sin

Because when truly focused on the Way that God would choose

To have us live that daily walk in truth we'll never lose

That heaven born integrity that's found in Him alone

When we proclaim our love for Him and take Him as our own

And let His love flow through us as it flowed through Christ before

To do the works of God He did and also so much more

For as His Word has promised if in Him we live each day

Then we'll be lights for others who pursue the living Way

Matthew 5:1-16; Philippians 4:8; John 14:12


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