Daily Devotional

Only God's Way

The fear of oh so many who have yet to meet the Lord

To understand the loving plan for which He is adored

Is very well established in this time in which we live

For there are many dangers for the ones who fail to give

Their all in full abandonment to Him Who makes us whole

To Him Who is salvation for the lost and wandering soul

Who only holds the promise of that life that never ends

For those who give Him all their hearts whom He adores as friends

And chief among those dangers is the loss of what is gained

By those who have abandoned all and from all sin refrained

Who found in their devotion to their Lord and God and King

The perfect peace that's only known by placing everything

Before the Lord in sacrifice to see what He will do

With life He's freely given us that's lived in me and you

That very breath He breathed at first in Adam and his wife

That has been shared in every child to which He's given life

Revealing through this miracle man cannot comprehend

That only by God's choosing will this cycle never end

Of life and life together making life the way He planned

The child that is the offspring of the woman and the man

But sadly we've accepted in society today

A twisted understanding of the word that people say

That word called love that's nothing more than lust adorned with fear

That given to perversity God's judgment will appear

And they will reap destruction for the path in life they chose

When all of our probation will at last by grace be closed

And all receive their pardon for the sins of their dark past

Or be marked for destruction in the fires that will last

Until all sin's been vanquished every blot's been wiped away

And all who stand will know the Lord to Whom they chose to pray

And sought His Way each moment in the time we're given here

To know Him in the present as the One we hold most dear

For now can't hold tomorrow as tomorrow may not come

And true love for the future has one place that it comes from

Found only in our Maker Who's ordained what He has made

One path that leads to heaven through the Price for us He paid

John 14:1-21


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