Daily Devotional


The strategy of playing chess is not in how to win

But how to ponder future moves until we reach the end

How each piece on the game board will by utilized in play

To either mount a strong offense or simply thrown away

And some people will tell you that's what life is like as well

Some people will get endless life while others go to hell

But that's not what God's chosen as the scriptures clearly say

Not why a perfect Saviour died for all our sins to pay

For though it is a mystery what God's next move will be

He's proven most explicitly His love for you and me

And that all things have purpose for the saving of each soul

Who truly want to live with Him in heaven as their goal

And though we're many pieces on the game board of this earth

Each has a special purpose from inception to their birth

And from their birth 'til resting for a time in some dark grave

Until the resurrection when Christ comes for those He saved

And will show then the reasons for the things that happened here

Will make the past from future most abundantly quite clear

As to the why we served here as a pawn or rook or queen

Or just a lowly bishop giving service to our King

And how each has influence in the lives of those we meet

A savor from the Master to be shared with those we greet

To help them gain the victory they need while here they play

The game meant for the living who live by the words they say

That give a true reflection of the One for Whom they live

The One in Whom they've placed their trust and all they have to give

Not simply as a pawn upon that chess board we call life

But as a royal member of the church God calls His wife

That church made up of members of all peoples He has made

Who though faced with uncertainty by grace in Him have stayed

Submissive to His leading and the plan He has for them

To save them for His Kingdom to be one with Christ and Him

So friend if you feel challenged to believe God has a plan

For you within His future when before His throne you stand

Take time to read your Bible that great game book of the King

And you will see your future is to Him the greatest thing

2 Samuel 22:31; Psalm 4; 18:30; 20:7; 37:3-5; Proverbs 3:5-6; Romans 8:28


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