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Daily Devotional

End Work

Though all I know may fail me in the moment of my need

Though many turn against me when upon my knees I plead

Still God will not forsake me when I know I need Him most

Nor will He cease to woo me through the presence of His Ghost

For He has never failed those who have humbly sought His name

Who've laid aside earth's pleasures for His honor not for fame

Who've realized without Him they have no value at all

Who've found their greatest honor is the honor of His call

To stand among His people as peculiar to their ways

To seek from Him the leading most important for these days

As nearing the conclusion of the evidence of sin

He sets in preparation Truth to wake the hearts of men

To see the present clearly through the darkness of the lies

That have been laid upon us in that work to blind our eyes

To all things from creation to redemption from our sins

To grasp God's full salvation as fulfillment soon begins

Fulfillment of those prophesies that've yet to be fulfilled

When one third of the world we know will be destroyed and killed

And one third of the heavens will no longer share their light

As God withdraws His presence leaving all the world in night

And when the time of judgement will be seen for what it is

The final declaration to prepare for such as this

But many will unfortunately be caught and unaware

Because of their neglect of God Who waited for their prayer

When there was still the option to be faithful to His call

To lay aside their selfishness and give to Him their all

Through giving of their blessings to the ones He led them to

And sharing of those gems of truth the way that Christ would do

That touched the hearts of hearers who could see the Saviour's love

Revealed through words and actions that the Master taught them of

That did good not for hope of gain but simply from the heart

That someone who had lost their all might have a brand new start

And also be God's workman in the closing work on earth

To hold the light in darkness that in Christ there is new birth

And not just for the present but for all eternity

That starts when we pursue God's will in faith and charity

Revelation 8; Habakkuk 3:17-19

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