Daily Devotional

The Power of One

A house that is divided cannot stand against the storm

A thousand tiny matches cannot keep a body warm

But when all brought together for one purpose they can be

Substantial in dynamics through their bond of synergy

But sadly we as people have this lesson still to learn

It's not just separate objects that are stronger we discern

For when we come together with one certain goal in mind

The force of our connection does not leave one soul behind

But grows in strength together drawing others to the fold

Encouraging each other in the common core we hold

Preparing for the challenge we each know is sure to come

Encouraged by our oneness that combined creates the sum

Of what will then be needed to withstand the wily foe

For though diverse we're solid in the Master that we know

And bound by love and honor we know each of us can be

Another's source of comfort when we face the enemy

But sadly we're too often focused on our own affairs

And bound up in distractions chasing after worldly cares

We miss without discerning that most precious strength of all

The strength of true communion with the ones who have God's call

And when we should be mighty in the power of Godly love

Combined as one strong body with one focus up above

We stand like little matches soon to fade and pass away

With little more than notice of the things we do and say

But if we will awaken to the time in which we live

And by our faith and honor promise all we have to give

To serve one common purpose as one people among men

Then we will see God's power in His battle over sin

And see a bright tomorrow in that hope that saves the soul

That hope that's based on Calvary where all men are made whole

And as we come together in the power of the cross

That love disseminated will direct us to the lost

To share with them the promise that in Jesus can be found

One mind among His people as we meet on holy ground

And join as one together for one purpose here to be

One body of believers bound in God eternally

1 Corinthians 12; Romans 8:24-28


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