Daily Devotional

Moses and The Lamb

When found among the bullrushes in a basket made of reeds

No one could have imagined he would meet his people's needs

As he who was anointed by God's providence of love

And would forever be the one his people would speak of

As prophet to the nations mighty leader friend of God

The one by whom the Lord would share His Law to be our Rod

That spared would let his people stray into iniquity

But lived would mold them for that life that lasts eternally

And who would be God's channel to perform such marvelous things

Like speaking to a mighty rock to bring forth living springs

And asking God for manna that would feed for forty years

His people in the wilderness they wandered for their fears

When they had every reason to be in the promised land

For they'd seen mighty miracles that proved God had command

Of elements in nature from the plagues to parting seas

To even bringing stone cold hearts to bow upon their knees

But when that little basket was retrieved that fateful day

No one could know the future or imagine God's own way

To work His work to save them through this baby born of men

This baby born to share God's Love that saves us from our sin

As illustrated daily through the sacrifices made

Before His sanctuary where God's presence daily stayed

That taught them of salvation through each item He designed

That shared the perfect Sacrifice that Jesus had in mind

When He would come a Baby nondescript not like a king

But like the baby Moses with a purpose here to bring

The message of salvation for this world and all mankind

Who willingly would leave their past and idols all behind

And lift their cross of honor that depends on God alone

That leans not on their works but faith that molds us as His own

Through grace that finds no honor in the works of fallen men

But in the ones who set aside their pasts to start again

As babes in whom is promise seen as daily we do grow

To be God's chose vessels through which all the world can know

The power love and majesty that comes from God alone

For which He's chosen each of us who choose to be His own

Exodus 2:1-10; 3:7-10; Luke 2:1-12; Proverbs 22:15; Revelation 15:1-3


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