Daily Devotional

The Power of Neglect

One cannot know the victory of overcoming sin

While lacking in the frequency of having deep within

The Spirit of God's presence through their study time with prayer

Each morning noon and evening while His Spirit's waiting there

But sorely all too often we get busy with our day

And time we should have spent with God is frittered all away

On often good activities that treat our neighbors well

But slowly in a subtle way does that we cannot tell

In stealing our eternity one moment at a time

That most insidious evil that among the devil's crimes

Has been the most successful in his effort for man's soul

That with his own destruction will accomplish his last goal

To steal from God His precious ones for whom He died to save

In whom He placed His promise when He came out from the grave

That if they would be faithful He'd give all He had to give

And in the realms of glory one forever they would live

But losing those first moments in the morning time alone

Lead to successive moments when we strike out on our own

Pursuing our activities without His Spirit Guide

Not having that protective Rock in Whom we need to hide

When Satan comes against us like an overwhelming flood

Convincing us our failures are not covered by the blood

That flowed upon Mount Calvary so many years ago

When God poured out His endless love for all of us to know

And if we choose to let him make us think that twisted way

Then we become susceptible to all he has to say

And doubt the grace we reveled in when first we met the Lord

And lose that first love we once knew when all that we adored

Was time we spent together with our Saviour side by side

When all our deepest longings found a Place that they could hide

And all the joy and gladness we experienced each day

Could not by time or circumstance be lost or pushed away

So friend don't let temptation to avoid your time with God

Command your best intentions in the path you choose to trod

But cherish every moment while you can to be with Him

That when He comes to claim His own you'll also be with them

Psalm 55:16-17, 22; Hebrews 6:4-6; Isaiah 44:22

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