Daily Devotional

Protective Trust

The offer of protection that is found within God's Word

Is more than having danger and the loss of life deterred

It's more than just avoiding pain and all that we go through

While living in this sinful world amidst the things they do

Who are not God's true followers but Satan's kin instead

Who though they may be walking of a truth their really dead

Within their souls where Jesus once had led them in the Way

But no longer is welcome by the things they do and say

For while we're here still living on the devil's battle ground

Though by God's grace His comfort and protection can be found

From earthly things that hurt us and may cut our living short

The life of all true Christians has been sealed in heaven's court

Where life that has a future and eternity with God

Becomes the final focus as we walk upon this sod

Full knowing until Jesus comes this earthly life we live

At some point as we travel will be all we have to give

But only for a moment as at last we'll realize

Our glorious Redeemer when we open up our eyes

To see Him Whom we've waited for Who promised He would come

To take us back to heaven to the place He's coming from

Where we'll not need protection as no dangers will appear

No dangers we have battled in the time we're waiting here

For there will be no Satan and no demons from our past

As in God's time all evil will be sure to die at last

In fire He's prepared for them who turned away from Love

Who fiercely fought against the thoughts God offered from above

To humbly bow before Him and receive Him as their King

Who by His all eternal grace provides us everything

We need to live in oneness where His Son will ever shine

For all that He provided to make heaven yours and mine

Adopting our humanity to die our death for us

When we embrace divinity by faith through daily trust

That welcomes His protection from delusions of today

That reads and closely listens as we take that time to pray

With Holy Scriptures open in our hands upon our knee

Absorbed in all the wonder that by grace our eyes can see

Ephesians 2:1-10; Hebrews 11:1-3; Proverbs 23:26


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