Daily Devotional


Oh Father You're so gracious and forgiving of my sin

You give me new direction when I let You Spirit in

And every daily challenge I alone would surely fail

Becomes a tool of learning as You write this winner's tale

For with You we're all winners as we daily walk with You

Attentive to Your leading in the things we say and do

Not fearing from tomorrow what new challenge it might bring

For faith reveals there's promise in the core of everything

You choose in Your great wisdom and foreknowledge to allow

Not knowing just the when and why but also knowing how

You've planned in Your deliverance of this poor feeble soul

Your grace will mold and fashion us to reach that final goal

That makes us fit for heaven where the host of angels sing

Each time they see the victory in this poor soul You bring

That becomes light to others who still struggle in the path

Of living daily in this world beneath the devil's wrath

But soon this will be ended this great consequence of sin

And Christ will come in glory to fulfill His will in men

And women even children who have kept His faith alive

And who through hope to glory wait to see our God arrive

In glorious clouds of angels who surround His mighty throne

Who chorus our redemption we who count Him as our own

And as the graves then open and the saints at rest arise

Those still alive and waiting will be caught up too on high

And all with crowns of glory and the robes of white we wear

Will leave this world for heaven and the mansions waiting there

Where daily with our Saviour we'll explore all He has made

In worlds from here to yonder who obedient had stayed

But who had watched in anger at what Satan here had done

That took the life of Him they loved the Father's perfect Son

And also watched in pity our humanity in test

As all our pain and suffering would end in death's dark rest

But then there'll be no anger as the saints will surely shine

And not one painful moment from our past will come to mind

For once the judgement's over all creation then will sing

Those glorious alleluias to our mighty God and King

Daniel 12:1-3; Acts 1:9-11; Revelation 20:4-6


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