Daily Devotional


You never know from one day what's in store for you the next

Nor what might be the challenge that will be for you a test

To see where your dependence is in flesh or on the Lord

And how much in your consequence will strength your faith afford

For every day is different no two days are just the same

And even though you might believe you have the perfect aim

Like wind that blows the arrow that's been fired from the bow

Some little unexpected thing may change the way you go

About your plans and actions in some thing you say or do

That may have a profound effect on someone close to you

Or may effect the outcome of some point in history

That moves another soul to want something in you they see

That something oft unspoken but revealed in how you live

Through actions and impressions your devotions daily give

That mold in you that character that God wants all to see

That character reflected from the cross of Calvary

Where God gave All He had to give to show His love for men

To wipe away our darkened past and put His Light within

Each soul that is surrendered to His will and Way for them

That makes of them His temple where they praise the name of Him

Through songs of their deliverance and words of Truth and Light

Equipping every saint of God with grace to win the fight

The devil brings upon us as a challenge for our soul

Full knowing by the grace of God our faith will keep us whole

And not allow his challenge and temptation to succeed

But place in us God's Spirit that will help us to proceed

From one step to another in our path to be like Him

The Way He led the saints of old through Light He gave to them

That gives to us example we too by His grace can see

As morning after morning we meet Him on bended knee

Adorning plans of action with the cloak of trust and love

That make us His reflection as we focus up above

So friend don't miss this morning what God's offering to you

But make your course of action in those things you plan to do

To first run all you're thinking through communion with His Son

And you'll find He'll be with you in that Way that makes us one

1 Corinthians 12:1-14; James 4:13-15; Philippians 3:17-21


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