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Daily Devotional


So many fail to understand they have a purpose here

Especially in light of all the signs that do appear

As closer ever closer we draw near our Lord's return

And prophesies God gave of old are clearer to discern

For as God shared through Daniel and in Revelation too

The prophesies He said would come He's starting now to do

That usher in the closing days when all must make a choice

To follow their own selfish ways or heed His Spirit's voice

For this time like no other in the history of earth

Emphatically important is our need for His rebirth

In us each waking moment as we give our all to Him

That He through us might shine the light of life on all of them

Who wander now in darkness heeding not the Father's Word

Confused by all the doctrines in this world that they have heard

Not knowing if they'll just allow that Word to live in them

They'll find no greater love and peace than that they find in Him

Through simple prayers each morning with their Bible on their knee

Aware as they are reading God's alive in all they see

And shares with them His power in His Word to comprehend

Those things most pure and vital as we draw near to the end

When our probation's over and Christ's coming fills the sky

And all who have been faithful rise with Him to never die

To meet the One they've cherished as they've grown to be like Him

Who's given all of heaven in His work of love for them

And who have found their purpose every morning time

in prayer Provided by God's Spirit as in tune they've waited there

To hear from Him instruction for their walk with Him each day

To be His living channels for more souls to learn the Way

That leads to life eternal where our history we'll see

Displayed right there before us in the books where you and me

Have every act recorded every thought that's written down

That prove if we've been faithful to the words of life we found

While seeking out His purpose as like Him the more we see

So many needy people who have not the victory

That comes to us each morning through our God with Him in prayer

Displayed with love in scriptures by His grace that's waiting there

Ephesians 2:1-10; John 3:16-17; Proverbs 8:17

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