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Daily Devotional


A soldier may be called upon to fight out on the field

Of battle where they volunteer their all for peace to yield

To give their life for family to keep them safe at home

A sacrifice not understood by those who seek their own

But soldiers are not always those in uniform away

Sometimes they're in a closet fighting battles as they pray

With hoards of unseen forces who are fighting for the souls

Of people who have not a clue they are the devil's goals

To bring down to destruction on that subtle battlefield

Confusing truth with error as to selfishness they yield

Their hearts and minds not knowing it is all the devil's plan

To wipe away creation and the image placed in man

The image of the Father with the Spirit and the Son

That from our first inception was designed to make us one

One with God in His image in His purpose and His plan

As He breathed His own Spirit through His lips into the man

He formed of clay with His hands for the Garden that He made

The Garden where He placed him where the creatures lived and played

In joyous pure tranquility as they were made to do

Until as on a battlefield their time of peace was through

As Eve took on temptation she was not equipped to fight

Temptation from the devil and the enemy of Light

And fell to His first conquest leading Adam there as well

That destined all creation to destructive fires of hell

But grace from God brought mercy from that seat above the Law

That seat of God's pure holiness the angels watch in awe

And offered them salvation through the promise of the Lamb

The blood of God's own Sacrifice Who is the great I AM

But only if they yielded everyday upon the field

Of battle with the devil all to God they had to yield

And let His Holy Spirit be through them the conquering One

To bring the Light to darkness through the brilliance of God's Son

That soon will end the battles when in glory He returns

And brings peace to the fallen who for holiness now yearn

And willingly give all they have and all they hope to be

To Him Who in our mighty God Who rules eternity

2 Chronicles 32:7-8; Romans 8:35-39; Ephesians 6:10-13

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