Daily Devotional

Fiction Versus Reality

The world's absorbed in fiction while reality that's here

Is beckoning attention to the Judgement Day that's near

When all will be decided either for the good or bad

Based on eternal knowledge that each one of us has had

That knowledge from the Father that's revealed through Christ the Son

Derived before the world began before the first sin done

How God in Christ would come to earth to be as One with men

And by His death God's Sacrifice would cleanse each one of sin

Who lived up to the knowledge that they had of God's great love

The knowledge of His will for them sent down from up above

In words of inspiration in the scriptures that we hold

Where all we've ever needed for salvation has been told

But like a living fountain in a desert all alone

Cannot preserve one's living if not taken as their own

So scriptures can't preserve us in the time that's soon to come

If we're not filled and nourished by the Source that it comes from

And even though we mention little verses here and there

To others who might listen as we meet with them for prayer

Unless we're deeply grounded in what God would have us know

Then heaven's destination won't be where we'll likely go

Because as Jesus told us heart and soul belong to Him

As He through meditation in His Word can dwell in them

And if we are not living up to what He does provide

Our hearts in time of trouble will not have a place to hide

Nor will we know His Spirit when the latter rain appears

Or listen to His guidance as His words we will not hear

Because we held to fiction when reality was ours

To have and hold from heaven in the final closing hours

So friend don't waste the moments God has given you by grace

But early every morning take that time to seek His face

And let His Spirit lead you as you read His words with Him

To comprehend their meaning and receive the power in them

That when that time approaches you'll not only be prepared

But others who have watched you will know how much Jesus cares

And like you will be searching seeking wisdom from above

And likewise be enraptured by the Father's words of love

James 4:7-17; 1 Corinthians 2:7-16


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