Daily Devotional


If only we had eyes to see the evil in his plan

The darkness in the devil's heart to steal the soul of man

Would we still be so settled in the things we daily do

Or would we be proactive in the task we're coming to

The task of holding vigils when the time of trouble comes

That time that's little spoken of or where it's coming from

When liberty is vanquished at the hands of evil men

Who've hearts no longer softened by the Spirit's call within

But whom have given reason to be sacrificed for gain

Not seeing that the future holds no good but only pain

For those who focus solely on the things that they might have

Possessions of another they in haste are quick to grab

Or would we choose to focus on what God would have us do

By grace pursuing active faith that's sure to see us through

The challenges of battles we are promised we will meet

If we pursue our daily Bread before the Master's feet

Where bowed in prayer and study of the messages He brings

We know with greatest confidence the grace He's offering

Is more than sure and adequate to face what's soon to come

As by that same amazing grace His Word contains the sum

Of all the wisdom needed all the power for our souls

All blessings from His Spirit that are there to make us whole

And make of us His channels to bring Light and Truth to men

Who still might be receptive of God's cleansing found within

The pages of His scriptures so neglected by the ones

Who claim to be His people to be one with Christ the Son

When of a truth they know Him not nor do they know His ways

Nor do they know His plans for them to face the coming days

When only preparation made right now will see us through

Will give us guidance where to go and show us what to do

For then when all the trouble spoken of will come to past

There'll be no opportunity our souls on Him to cast

As then all's been decided by the way we've lived before

By how we've chosen to relate to Him we now adore

And only those who've lived by faith will know His presence then

Because their lives reflect the grace that saves us from our sin

Daniel 12:1-3; Isaiah 25:1-26:4


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