Daily Devotional

Answering God's Call

So few have really tested what the Lord can do through them

And fewer still have have known the power of grace that flows from Him

They think that Bible study with a prayer or two will do

Not knowing of the power of God that's there for me and you

That power that's so infinite no mind can comprehend

From One with no beginning and is sure to have no end

Who by a Word established all the things that now exist

Though endless by their nature in God's mind not one is missed

For truly we can't fathom for one moment Who He is

Though why in His compassion He preserved a world like this

But more than preservation He's ordained that we might be

Reflective of His character throughout eternity

But first we need to know Him first we need to take His hand

And by His grace through living faith begin to understand

How limitless His presence is His knowledge and His strength

And how His selfless love reveals His will and any length

It needs to go to show us we have never been alone

And even though we've run from Him at times out on our own

When needed and acknowledged He's been right there by our side

To be our great Physician Holy Comforter and Guide

And also to create in us a heart that's pure and true

A channel for His Spirit to do all that He can do

To reach the world now dying with the hope of life again

When Christ returns in glory and destroys the blight of sin

That has for many centuries denied His will for us

Denied the opportunity to live through us His trust

To show the whole great universe how God can live in men

When He through us reveals His power that overcomes all sin

And reaches back toward heaven where the King of glory stands

Where all unfallen entities await their Lord's command

And relish in the beauty of His love that flows through them

Deriving greatest pleasure through their daily walk with Him

A walk that's our for having though not seen by mortal eyes

Until that day that's coming when the saints to glory rise

And find there what they've always known since first they gave their all

The physical reality from answering God's call

Deuteronomy 5:31-33; 10:12-14; Joshua 22:5; 1 Kings 8:23, 61; Matthew 22:21-22


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