Daily Devotional

Ponder How often do we contemplate the depth of love from God

Who made us His creation though He knew the path He'd trod

The years of endless suffering with Satan on His heels

A Stranger in the wilderness no food to make His meals

Encumbered by humanity He willingly did take

Because there was no other way to work for our soul's sake

The plan for our salvation that required Sacrifice

The blood of Him Who was our Lamb our Saviour Jesus Christ

How often do we ponder what must have been on His mind

To recollect the beauty of the place He left behind

His throne and all the angels who attended Him each day

To come a simple Pauper for a debt He need not pay

For He was not the debtor neither did He ever lie

And He had never failed to keep His Law that He should die

But solely from the love of God He gave His all for men

To save us from the debt we owed for all our years of sin

But tell me do we ever stop to truly count the cost

Not just the pain He suffered when He died upon the cross

But years of lonely living with no true and honest friends

Until He stood alone to face what many thought the end

And even when He came to life from three days in the grave

And met the ones He loved the most He gave His life to save

He still bore on His body all the scars of sacrifice

That He will bear forever to remind us of the Price

That Love would pay for each of us before we even asked

Through Jesus Christ Who willingly took on this painful task

Because there was no other way to save us from our sins

To guaranty eternal life with Him that has no end

So friend today let's ponder what our Lord did choose to do

The pain and the rejection that He knew that He'd go through

And praise Him for His faithfulness up to the very end

That gave us hope and promise of forgiveness for our sins

And then lay on the altar all the little that we have

That He by grace might use it in His work for our behalf

To finish what He started for the saving of our souls

That He might gain the glory for His work that makes us whole

Proverbs 4:20-27; 1 Samuel 12:24; Isaiah 53; 1 John 4:7-17


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