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Daily Devotional

Before Our Eyes

The danger of the subtle web begins to grip one's soul

As one by one through images the devil meets his goal

Those images of fleshly lust that everyone can see

As everywhere you look these days there's lots of nudity

But seeing what's provided by the media these days

In all the advertisements that collect along one's way

If chosen one can set aside to leave their heart and mind

But those things which are focused on are seldom left behind

But rather start a pathway from one picture to the next

Until that soul is captured as it fails to pass the test

That's found in daily living as temptation tries the soul

And breaks the one who's fallen til the mind's no longer whole

And piece by piece the devil makes them more and more like him

As more and more they want the things that feed the lust of them

Assuming if they're careful no one else will see their sin

Not knowing there's a record where all things are written in

A record where the angels write who serve around God's throne

Where everything on everyone by all the host is known

As in this court of judgement all the worlds our sins can see

And mourn the ones who fall to lust and lose morality

And also lose that one thing that's so vital to the soul

That precious time with Jesus that alone can make us whole

And also makes us more and more like Him as everyday

We choose to be reflective of His light upon our Way

Where in our walk with others who are struggling within

That light can move the darkness til at last all hidden sin

Is cast out as repulsive and what most we want to see

Is daily found in scriptures that contain God's purity

But if we choose to wander on that other path from Him

And give our souls to passions and the evils found in them

Then sooner than we want to think our sin will be made known

And wrath will be that thing we meet for all the seeds we've sown

That made us not the fruitful but the barren among men

That took from us the Kingdom where the saints will gather in

But worst of all will mean the pain Christ suffered on the cross

Will be in vain for choices made that place us with the lost

Deuteronomy 4:24-26; Ecclesiastes 12:13-14; Psalm 101:2-3; Isaiah 1:16-19

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