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Daily Devotional

Baby's Choice

The choice was very simple for the Baby in the hay

Just stay and let His life unfold or up and walk away

Be One with our humanity or leave us on our own

Poor creatures with no hope of life unless He did atone

For all the past iniquity and what was yet to come

As He would as our Sacrifice be Him Who paid the sum

Of every indiscretion every selfish evil sin

For which He was the Miracle to help us all begin

Again as new born children with One Father up above

Who selflessly gave everything when He gave out of love

His One Son now begotten to be One with those condemned

To likewise pay the Price of Life through death for those who sinned

And through that death surrender to the trademark of God's love

To bear our flesh forever and the scars we've spoken of

The scars in both His hands and feet and in His spear pierced side

Wherein the power of God's grace forever will reside

The power of that perfect love that saw us as we were

That pled with Eve back at the tree when Satan tempted her

And then watched as her husband lacked the trust and love of Him

To have a plan to make things right and heal the two of them

And then watched as the murder by the one son who then fled

Began a course destroying life until the Father's dread

Of all of man's iniquity led to that great demise

When by the flood God cleansed the earth of sin before His eyes

But sin was not forsaken by the ones He saved that way

And soon returned as innocence was almost wiped away

Until this Lamb of Sacrifice was born a Baby Boy

Sin met in Him that purity it could not there destroy

But thankfully that Baby born both human and divine

Chose when He came to keep that perfect Sacrifice in mind

And grow as Christ the Saviour though it meant the most from Him

To give His all forever to be One with all of them

Who choose to love and serve Him with their whole life everyday

Who choose to prove His perfect will in all they do and say

That when at last He comes for those who choose eternity

He'll see Himself reflected in the Way we choose to be

Genesis 3:1-12; Luke 2:4-14; John 1:29; Revelation 15:3

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