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Daily Devotional


To all the fake and fallen let this warning be to you

The King of all creation will reward the things you do

For He Who knows the future from the eons of the past

Will be your Judge and Jury Who will execute at last

His judgements on the evil of your thoughts and actions too

As outcome to the lies you spread and heinous things you do

Unless and it's this simple you will turn to Him today

And by His grace submit yourself to let Him take away

The evil that you harbor in your heart you cannot change

And for His robe of righteousness allow Him to exchange

Your sin for His own purity you cannot steal or buy

Nor can you earn through acts of good no matter how you try

For though your heart is evil and as cold as stone can be

If you will just profess His name that moment you will see

A Power will abide you that your tongue cannot explain

A Power that by grace through faith can make you whole again

Not whole within your body until Jesus comes to reign

But whole within your spirit where His Spirit can maintain

His presence as your Comforter your Helper and your

Guide If all your past iniquity in Him you choose to hide

And let Him work within you from beginning to no end

Removing your iniquity on which you now depend

To make and mold and fashion you to what you ought to be

A new born child by grace through faith to live eternally

Who finds all sin repulsive and regrets those things they've done

And cherishes the simple fact that through God's perfect Son

Their sins are all forgiven and all things they choose to do

Will now reflect that miracle that's made them whole and new

To share by grace this gospel that when on the cross Christ died

He proved the love the angels knew that Satan's tried to hide

That love that knows no measure but must bow to judgement too

That honors God's eternal Law that measures all we do

And will even in punishment of sin and all it's done

Be proved through this expression of God's love through Christ the Son

Of giving us the option of reward for choices past

Or of eternal life with Him where joy alone will last

Ezekiel 3:17-21; Jeremiah 1:4-9

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