Daily Devotional


Familiar to my memory someone I saw today

A person from my distant past that lives quite far away

Though not at all the person I first thought that they might be

It's funny how familiar can entice one's memory

To go back to those distant years that were so long ago

To bring back all the joys and fears in life you used to know

To ride the roller coaster of emotions in your mind

From all the times and places in your life you've left behind

But sometimes in familiar there are lessons that we learn

And credits toward future success these lessons help us earn

Not focused on the failures as those things that bring us down

But how by not repeating them we gain a higher ground

Where slowly if we're wise and true to principles of grace

Remembering what we went through and what we had to face

We look to those around us as a fertile field to sow

The wisdom of the chosen Way by grace we've come to know

The Way that faces forward to the Kingdom that we seek

The Kingdom that's not earned but given to the pure and meek

Who have the Saviour's cleansing from the past things we have done

His molding and His fitting that makes us reflect the Son

Who too has known familiar and still knows it everyday

Who knows the haunts and challenges that meet us in the way

As He went there before us with the devil on His heels

And lived a life of poverty that knows the way one feels

Who's traveled through a rocky past though sin was not His game

Still He could feel the hearts of those He met as though the same

In person with that fallen soul so needing of His love

And of that certain surety they had a Home above

That Home where all the failures and the painful things of past

Will be forever lost to mind as sin is gone at last

And all we'll know is purity of heart and soul and mind

Not needing all the painful lessons we have left behind

For there we'll walk with Jesus Who alone is our Best Friend

Exploring endless galaxies with Him that never end

Where all that is familiar are the scars on Him we see

The emblems of God's righteousness that save both you and me

Micah 7:18-20; Isaiah 64:6-9; Hebrews 4:15


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