Daily Devotional

Journey With The Word

So many fail to see the Truth that's staring back at them

When looking at God's holy Word that's written there by Him

For fear He'll show them something that they do not want to see

That goes against what they've believed since almost infancy

Those things they've learned and cherished that were taught by men of old

Who likewise held to those beliefs and things that they were told

Not searching in the scriptures for what God might show them there

Nor seeking light in darkness He will share with us through prayer

The prayer that full and open laying everything aside

Not hampering God's Spirit as He is to us our Guide

To lead us on that journey where before we have not been

That journey to salvation and redemption from our sin

That journey that is greater than we've ever known before

Where we can pick up blessings that His Spirit has in store

To feed in us the hungering for Truth and righteousness

That's only found in giving God our all in brokenness

That brokenness that comes from holding tightly to His grace

Allowing that removal of the conflict that we face

By trying to exonerate those things we've learned before

That were just man's traditions blocking us from so much more

That God was want to give us in our fellowship with Him

That fellowship that starts today and never ends for them

Who start again that journey with a new look at those things

God's rooted in forever that His grace is offering

To make us fit for heaven and the blessings there to come

When all is said and finished by the One Who paid the sum

Of all that we owed for the ways we wandered from the Truth

Though taught to us as truths of God since we were in our youth

That must be laid aside today for what is soon to come

The conflict of the ages as we hear the distant drum

Of battle that's in making for the lives and souls of men

Whose outcome is determined by beliefs they hold within

That either hold to scripture and the Truth that's waiting there

Or hold to man's traditions that remove them from God's care

But either way we must decide what we will do today

Hold to the past or to the Word Who is the living Way

John 17:17; Galatians 1:10-18; Mark 7:7-8


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