Daily Devotional

Lesson of the Dogwood

How can a man with simple mind observe the stars above

And fail to contemplate the One Who placed them there in love

To think of the omnipotence it took to make all things

And then to what omniscience to us is offering

If we will simply listen and observe what He has done

Through all of nature's lessons as the trade mark of His Son

And through the Word once spoken that is written now for us

Who choose in our obedience to place in Him our trust

Because of omnipresence knowing He is everywhere

Bestowing through His blessings the completeness of His care

From waking in the morning to the music in the trees

To resting in the nighttime in the darkness where He sees

To everything we're needing as the next day He prepares

The sunlight for the morning that He's never ceased to share

And air that's always filter by the greenery we see

Designed for perfect balance through His creativity

That also was creative in the plan that He designed

The plan prepared in heaven before sin had come to mind

In all of the intelligence He fashioned with His Word

Before the voice of angels in the heavens could be heard

A plan so filled with details of which we have yet to know

How He Who was so perfect in the Godhead would bestow

The love of God through sacrifice we'll never understand

Because it takes a Godly mind to view all He had planned

When sin that was a mystery would steal the hearts of men

As it had stolen angels' hearts when they turned dark within

Because of exaltation of themselves above their God

Who through humiliation would accept the path He trod

That lead from heaven's throne room to a manger in a stall

The King of all creation by His grace to give His all

As taking on humanity He'll always walk with men

The One through all eternity to bear the scars of sin

That's also taught in nature in the flowers of that tree

Whose blossoms in the springtime bear His scars for you and me

To be to us reminders of the Price our Saviour paid

The lesson of the Dogwood that our loving Maker made

Romans 11:24; Hebrews 2:11-18; Romans 8:18-23


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